How to Choose Gym Management Software for Your Fitness Business


Whether you’re looking to change from your current gym management software and you need need a more streamlined approach, or you’re not using one yet, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right software solutions for your business. The fitness industry is going through a significant transition, moving away from rigid and traditional contracts to providing flexibility and convenience to members across the board.

The right management software can assist in increasing revenue and member retention, creating a central hub for member and lead management and overall taking your fitness business to the next level. In this article, we will discuss what exactly gym management software is and the 6 essential features to look out for when choosing a management system for you.

What is Gym Management Software?

At its core, gym management software allows you to set up and track payments, manage memberships and leads, manage class bookings and scheduling and gather data and offer insights. It can become a powerful set of tools that can save time, increase member engagement and boost the business overall. Whether you’re a gym owner, personal trainer, or run a health club, gym management software can help you. 

A Software Solution 

In recent years, fitness centers have been popping up all over the world with the health and fitness industry worth an estimated $3.7 trillion. While the fitness industry is booming, it’s thought that 80% of Americans who join a gym in January quit after five months. This makes it more crucial than every for gym owners to utilize management software to retain members, attract more clients, and create the best service possible.

Gym software solutions are designed for fitness businesses that offer memberships or classes to keep track of their gym members, schedules, employees, payments and generate reports. As a business owner, you can often find yourself wearing many hats from marketing and accounting to management and personal trainer; management software helps to condense everything you need into one place.

Gym management software is a solution, so before choosing the software that’s right for you, take a broad look at your business and assess your needs. If you’re lacking member insight and struggling with member retention, then you need a platform that’s going to provide you with the right insights. Extracting data and generating reports is an essential part of any software platform and gives you the information you need to make the best business decision.

A Time Saver

By integrating your billing process and member management under one roof, it can provide a more integrated approach to running a business. If you find yourself using one system for paying your employees, another for booking in classes and a third to store sensitive member information, then it’s time to consider new gym management software.

You no longer have to switch between systems as all operational aspects of the business can be found under one roof. Eliminate time-consuming admin tasks such as reporting, member check-ins, and collecting membership payments, giving yourself more time to focus on managing and operating your business.

A survey by Gocardless on a 1000 millennials found that 84% would be more likely to sign up to a gym if they weren’t tied into a long-term contract. Of the members surveyed, 60% said they would pay higher monthly fees if it meant they could end their membership at any time. With a changing landscape of member expectations, potential clients are looking for more engagement, flexibility, and convenience from their gym or fitness club