What is a dispatch system for taxi?

Listening to word dispatch system for taxi many may get confused. It is not difficult to understand. It is a system or you can say a software where the client gets in contact with drivers. Where you can get an idea about the distance and also able to tell your pickup location to the driver. The system is specifically made provide ease to clients when they have to book a ride for travelling. It also allows the companies who give a taxi driver to manage al there data easily.

The system work in a very simple way, first as a client you call for the booking of service. In the next step, the driver who is closer to your location receives kind of notification to pick your up. When the process is happening 3 applications undergo, we will discuss all three one by one.

Application of driver

The first application is of the driver. It is built to give a quick response to the client who is booking a taxi for travelling. The system is so well built that there is no chance of any misguidance. There is no chance that 2 drivers book your ride and arrive at your location at the same time and create confusion. Once the driver accepts the request there is no way that the other driver will able to do it too.

  • All the record is saved, there is no way that anyone can make changes in that. You can say it is kind of security for the passengers to that if a driver will do something wrong you can directly contact with the authorities.
  • If a driver that is coming to pick you up is stuck in traffic or some other problem happened, the driver transfers the ride to another driver who is closer to you. So, you don't have to wait.
  • For the ease of the drivers, every deal is get done properly before which include salary and even the commission.
  • The system is also very capable, there is no way that old record went missing due to any reason.

Application for passenger

The application that is provided to the passenger is very easy to use. There are no technical things in that. Anyone can book the services without getting anyone help. While using the App, as a passenger you feel like the app is automatically guiding you what to choose or not. As a passenger, you also get details about the fare. You are also able to see the driver picture and the model of the car that is about to pick you up. The number plate of the car is also visible.

Application for Panel

The last application is for admin, as they are the one who needs to keep an eye on everything. They are responsible to run the system smoothly. They provide the number to customers so they can call and book the services. The admin also keeps an eye on the movement of the passenger. So, nothing will go wrong and passengers don’t feel like they didn’t get a good service. There are times when at one place the demand for a taxi is more. The panel makes sure to tell this to the drivers. 

So, they can get rides and also passengers don’t have to worry about getting services. They also you can say give updates that are life. Like they tell the drivers which routes are best to go, at which place traffic is more so avoid taking those routes and stuff like that. They also differentiate the clients as everyone has different choices.

So, if you need a ride don’t worry, as you can easily book one from your cell phone without an issue.