Which are the best-colored contact lenses?

Everyone had a wish to change their eye colour at least once in their lifetime, well colour contact lenses are the best choice to alter the eye colour. They can modify the colour of your eye and change your personality. There are some beautiful colours available to make your appearance exceptional on any occasion. They can also be used for weak eyesight. Not only can they eliminate your spectacles, but also, they can transform your personality. But be careful, poor quality and low standard lenses can cause serious harm to your eye or vision. Make sure you are always buying from a trusted seller.

How to choose the best contact lens colour?

Customers can have a look at the lenses available on the website and choose the best colour, keeping in view their personality as well as skin and eye colour. If you are a colourful person and you want to try new colours every day, and on every occasion, you may find this place satisfying.

If you are an admirer of specific eye colour and you do not have one naturally, you should check our glow collection where you can find a series of lenses, and you can surely find your desired colour.

The process is simple and has a lot of potential to bring out the best of you in every manner of life as eyes are anyone’s first reflection of thoughts, and a good lens choice can make you stand tall in the crowd of 1000 people.  

What do we offer?

Punjab optics offers the best collection of Bella contact lenses. Moreover, it offers the ideal lenses that come in the, and a huge collection is available. You can check the series below:

1-day collection

a 1-day collection consists of contact lenses which can be used up to 6 hours. After using them off a few hours, you can even use them again once you clean them with the lens cleaning liquid.  

It has six colours that are to be matched with all types of skin tones and eye shape. Mix pack contains, Bluish grey, hazel beige, Christine crystal, radiant hazelnut, ocean blue. The best thing about this collection is, you can try various colours and experience new eyes every day.

Elite collection

If you want to make a significant impact on everyone at a special event, then vivid colours can be the best choice for you. But if you want to create a more elegant look, then dusky must be your priority. Some colours of Elite collection are specially designed for dark eyes. It includes Elite white honey, elite emerald green, elite grey olive, cloudy grey, elite mint grey, elite midnight blue, elite sandy brown, elite sandy grey, elite amber grey, elite silky gold, Elite lavender grey, elite grey beige and elite crystal.

Glow collection

It has nine beautiful colours that match all types of eyes and skin colours including glow radiant, glow radiant brown, glow husky grey-green, glow grey caramel, glow luminous pearl, glow navy grey, glow radiant grey, glow vivid blue and glow lime green. This entire collection has the ability to make up for all the eye shaping problems as well as glorifying the best out of you. You will acknowledge the importance when you will be praised by everyone.

Diamond collection

Diamond collection offers eight vibrant lens colours which are to go with all Pakistan skin complexions. Customers may have a look at these to ensure that they choose best for their respective skin. It has a brown shadow, allure blonde, almond grey, Caribbean green, grey-green, diamond grey shadow, pacific blue, glitter grey. These lenses are best to use regularly with casual dresses as well as casual makeup.

Natural collection

In a natural collection of Bella contact lenses by Punjab optics, a dazzling collection is waiting for you, that can be worn on all-natural complexions including fair skin complexion, white, and extra fairer complexion as well as dusky colour complexion. It includes natural grey, natural hazel, natural green, natural cool grey, cool natural hazel, natural cool blue, natural violet, natural blue.

Highlight collection

Highlight collection is something that would help you find some colours for the extra white as well as dusky skin and hairs applied, and these lenses can make it look more beautiful with five best colours are highlight cool grey, highlight circle grey, highlight circle brown, highlight cool hazel and highlight gold.


No matter you need lenses of one-time use, regular wearing or occasional use, we have all sorts of lenses available in a huge collection of shades. All lenses are safe to use and made using the highest quality materials. There are certain factors involved in enhancing the colours of your eyes with the help of colored contact lenses. It is primarily your skin and hair.