How to pick the right women necklace 9 carat?

Ask any women; whether they like jewelry or not, it is rare that you will get no in answer. Some like rings, some like to wear earrings, and some are fond of the necklace. In the article, you are going to learn about a women necklace 9 carat. A perfect looking necklace can change the whole look of the outfit. Buying a gold necklace is not easy, as it is quite an expensive metal. It is the reason while buying the necklace; women should take the right decision.

How to select the right necklace?

At the time you enter the jewelry shop or visit the website, you able to see many different options. Having an option is good, but it also causes confusion. There is no need to invest a lot of money if you are not sure about the choice you made. Gold jewelry is something that you can keep for life. Also, not everyone wears it on a regular basis. Some only prefer to carry it on special occasions. Suppose you are buying jewelry to sell it again when the rate increase then a wrong choice will not affect you a lot. If it is opposite, then it is important to follow some points such as:

Make your choice before visiting the shop.

These days you can find everything on the internet. It is better if you know back in your head, what type you are going to buy. Only this little information can make things quite easy for you. If you don't know anything about the types and at the time jeweller will tell you or show will, understanding everything is hard. On the net, you can get all the details about the type. It is a step that will also save a lot of time. You can tell the shopkeeper what you need, and they will show you necklaces accordingly.

The most famous types of women necklace are:

  • Rope chain
  • Figaro chain
  • Herringbone chain
  • Choker necklace
  • Riviere necklace
  • Torque necklace
  • Pendant necklace

Go for quality

There is no point in buying a necklace that is not of quality. Imagine you compromise on quality, and later you won't be able to wear it for once because it breaks. Now all the types are best; you cannot say one is better than others. It all depends on the jeweller, and you budget mainly.

Set your budget

Before going for the gold necklace shopping, setting a budget is a key. You will not like to fell in love with something that is not in your budget. Now everyone knows that the price of the gold increase as the carats increase. So, when you tell the budget to the shopkeeper, they will tell you whether you can get a 9-carat necklace or not.

Other points everyone should know.

The gold doesn't just come in one colour that is yellow. It has two other colours too that are rose gold and white and even green. The colours are obtained by other metals that are mixed with the gold. Also, the gold jewellery is not made of gold purely; it mixes with other metals too. The reasons are gold is quite soft and alone cannot hold its shape for a long time. The metals that are mainly mixed with the gold is silver, zinc or copper.

Also, there are many who don't know the difference between a gold necklace and a gold-plated necklace. The gold necklace is made of actual gold; the carats tell how much gold is used and how much of other metals. 

The gold plated necklace is one in which gold is not used. It is made of other material, and later it is dipped in the melted to get the traditional yellow colour. It is an option mainly for those who don't have enough to spend. Once the colour starts to fade, you can take it to the jeweller, for maintenance.