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How to pick the right women necklace 9 carat?

Ask any women; whether they like jewelry or not, it is rare that you will get no in answer. Some like rings, some like to wear earrings, and some are fond of the necklace. In the article, you are going to learn about a women necklace 9 carat. A perfect looking necklace can change the whole look of the outfit. Buying a gold necklace is not easy, as it is quite an expensive metal. It is the reason while buying the necklace; women should take the right decision.

How to select the right necklace?

At the time you enter the jewelry shop or visit the website, you able to see many different options. Having an option is good, but it also causes confusion. There is no need to invest a lot of money if you are not sure about the choice you made. Gold jewelry is something that you can keep for life. Also, not everyone wears it on a regular basis. Some only prefer to carry it on special occasions. Suppose you are buying jewelry to sell it again when the rate increase then a wrong choice will not affect you a lot. If it is opposite, then it is important to follow some points such as:

Make your choice before visiting the shop.

These days you can find everything on the internet. It is better if you know back in your head, what type you are going to buy. Only this little information can make things quite easy for you. If you don't know anything about the types and at the time jeweller will tell you or show will, understanding everything is hard. On the net, you can get all the details about the type. It is a step that will also save a lot of time. You can tell the shopkeeper what you need, and they will show you necklaces accordingly.

The most famous types of women necklace are:

  • Rope chain
  • Figaro chain
  • Herringbone chain
  • Choker necklace
  • Riviere necklace
  • Torque necklace
  • Pendant necklace

Go for quality

There is no point in buying a necklace that is not of quality. Imagine you compromise on quality, and later you won't be able to wear it for once because it breaks. Now all the types are best; you cannot say one is better than others. It all depends on the jeweller, and you budget mainly.

Set your budget

Before going for the gold necklace shopping, setting a budget is a key. You will not like to fell in love with something that is not in your budget. Now everyone knows that the price of the gold increase as the carats increase. So, when you tell the budget to the shopkeeper, they will tell you whether you can get a 9-carat necklace or not.

Other points everyone should know.

The gold doesn't just come in one colour that is yellow. It has two other colours too that are rose gold and white and even green. The colours are obtained by other metals that are mixed with the gold. Also, the gold jewellery is not made of gold purely; it mixes with other metals too. The reasons are gold is quite soft and alone cannot hold its shape for a long time. The metals that are mainly mixed with the gold is silver, zinc or copper.

Also, there are many who don't know the difference between a gold necklace and a gold-plated necklace. The gold necklace is made of actual gold; the carats tell how much gold is used and how much of other metals. 

The gold plated necklace is one in which gold is not used. It is made of other material, and later it is dipped in the melted to get the traditional yellow colour. It is an option mainly for those who don't have enough to spend. Once the colour starts to fade, you can take it to the jeweller, for maintenance. 


Which are the best-colored contact lenses?

Everyone had a wish to change their eye colour at least once in their lifetime, well colour contact lenses are the best choice to alter the eye colour. They can modify the colour of your eye and change your personality. There are some beautiful colours available to make your appearance exceptional on any occasion. They can also be used for weak eyesight. Not only can they eliminate your spectacles, but also, they can transform your personality. But be careful, poor quality and low standard lenses can cause serious harm to your eye or vision. Make sure you are always buying from a trusted seller.

How to choose the best contact lens colour?

Customers can have a look at the lenses available on the website and choose the best colour, keeping in view their personality as well as skin and eye colour. If you are a colourful person and you want to try new colours every day, and on every occasion, you may find this place satisfying.

If you are an admirer of specific eye colour and you do not have one naturally, you should check our glow collection where you can find a series of lenses, and you can surely find your desired colour.

The process is simple and has a lot of potential to bring out the best of you in every manner of life as eyes are anyone’s first reflection of thoughts, and a good lens choice can make you stand tall in the crowd of 1000 people.  

What do we offer?

Punjab optics offers the best collection of Bella contact lenses. Moreover, it offers the ideal lenses that come in the, and a huge collection is available. You can check the series below:

1-day collection

a 1-day collection consists of contact lenses which can be used up to 6 hours. After using them off a few hours, you can even use them again once you clean them with the lens cleaning liquid.  

It has six colours that are to be matched with all types of skin tones and eye shape. Mix pack contains, Bluish grey, hazel beige, Christine crystal, radiant hazelnut, ocean blue. The best thing about this collection is, you can try various colours and experience new eyes every day.

Elite collection

If you want to make a significant impact on everyone at a special event, then vivid colours can be the best choice for you. But if you want to create a more elegant look, then dusky must be your priority. Some colours of Elite collection are specially designed for dark eyes. It includes Elite white honey, elite emerald green, elite grey olive, cloudy grey, elite mint grey, elite midnight blue, elite sandy brown, elite sandy grey, elite amber grey, elite silky gold, Elite lavender grey, elite grey beige and elite crystal.

Glow collection

It has nine beautiful colours that match all types of eyes and skin colours including glow radiant, glow radiant brown, glow husky grey-green, glow grey caramel, glow luminous pearl, glow navy grey, glow radiant grey, glow vivid blue and glow lime green. This entire collection has the ability to make up for all the eye shaping problems as well as glorifying the best out of you. You will acknowledge the importance when you will be praised by everyone.

Diamond collection

Diamond collection offers eight vibrant lens colours which are to go with all Pakistan skin complexions. Customers may have a look at these to ensure that they choose best for their respective skin. It has a brown shadow, allure blonde, almond grey, Caribbean green, grey-green, diamond grey shadow, pacific blue, glitter grey. These lenses are best to use regularly with casual dresses as well as casual makeup.

Natural collection

In a natural collection of Bella contact lenses by Punjab optics, a dazzling collection is waiting for you, that can be worn on all-natural complexions including fair skin complexion, white, and extra fairer complexion as well as dusky colour complexion. It includes natural grey, natural hazel, natural green, natural cool grey, cool natural hazel, natural cool blue, natural violet, natural blue.

Highlight collection

Highlight collection is something that would help you find some colours for the extra white as well as dusky skin and hairs applied, and these lenses can make it look more beautiful with five best colours are highlight cool grey, highlight circle grey, highlight circle brown, highlight cool hazel and highlight gold.


No matter you need lenses of one-time use, regular wearing or occasional use, we have all sorts of lenses available in a huge collection of shades. All lenses are safe to use and made using the highest quality materials. There are certain factors involved in enhancing the colours of your eyes with the help of colored contact lenses. It is primarily your skin and hair.


Women necklace 9 carat – the perfect size and selection to adore your moments

JQ Jewels is the most reliable and elite name in providing its customers the best women necklace 9 carat. The women’s necklace are an important tool towards adoring and perfecting the personality. Nearly all around the world the use of necklace is universal. Especially women wear the necklace to keep their outfits more gorgeous and worthy. The necklaces are highly important jewelry items that women and men have been wearing since the time unknown. Therefore, it is completely safe to assume that necklaces are the best traditional way to adorn your moments and lighten up your joys. Also, there are ways to make necklaces more presentable and lovable. The most important thing is that your bring the type of necklaces that adjusts better according to your personality.

On marriages and parties, seeing a women wearing a necklace feels essential. On the other hand, if you come to see a women who does not wear a necklace gives strange and raw feelings. So much so is the indispensable use of the necklace that it almost feels part of a woman body. Moreover, you can see women getting different colors and styles in necklaces. The choices in necklaces are variable. It just depends upon your personality that which type of necklace you prefer most. Therefore, it is essential that you should try to contact a professional goldsmith to consult on making a selection that suits to your outfit and color complexion.

Representing love and bond

Having a party at home or a friend’s invitation is waiting for you to participate and you get and rise and start moving towards the party. Wait! Are you wearing the customized necklace? If yes, the enjoyment is all about you. If not, then you must reevaluate your idea of going to the part without wearing the most adorable necklace around your neck. The necklaces are the most affordable and easier way in the items of jewelry. Therefore, there remains no reason for women not to wear the necklaces.

Necklaces’ use is near universal with men too rushing to buy a customized choice for them. Presence of necklace around the women’s neck gives feelings of love, beauty, and bond. Men especially like to see necklace around the neck of their beloved other. The necklace is a representation of union of hearts. Therefore, there is every reason to give special emphasis on wearing of necklace.

Exploring the customized selection

Moreover, necklaces come in many options for a customer to choose from. Therefore, if you desire to buy a specific selection of necklace, make sure that the necklace suits best to your outfits. What you are wearing can be easier if you ask the goldsmith to provide you with the consultation on the necklace. Furthermore, you must also think into elevating the style and quality in necklace. The best style in the necklace is the one that resonates with your personality and demeanor. So, here it is significant that you prefer asking for consultation from a professional smith. As a smith is in the field since many years, therefore, he has a larger-than-life experience to guide you through.

There is another important thing about the selection of necklaces. It is that the necklace you prefer should ideally suit your clothes. Also, the occasion must be according to the choice. Hence, if you follow all those prescription then you will see greater beauty in the necklace.

The necklaces are elegant as well as beautiful round chains. If you want to purchase the necklace then you must go ahead with the thinking. The necklaces are highly manageable in terms of their financial costs.


Hair Supply - How To Take Care Of Your Hair Supply

In today's world of razor blades, trash, hair, toenail clippers, and the need to keep your hair clean, you may think you've got it all taken care of when it comes to your hair supply. The truth is that you probably don't. Because there are still so many things you can do to maintain the health of your hair.

The first thing to do if you have a lot of hair is to make sure you are getting enough food. It is crucial that you don't just put out for food that you get from the store.

If you are going on vacation, you may want to put your hair in a nice braided bun as it is a beautiful style. It will not only look nice but it will also add to the beauty of your hair. You may not realize how much hair you actually use when you take your hair off to wash it.

When you are out there walking around in the heat and the humidity, you will want to be sure that you are wearing at least one scarf. The more layers of clothing you wear the better the chance that you will end up with dried out hair if you weren't using one.

If you have dry hair, you can use a dry shampoo on it when you are shampooing it. In this way, you will be able to get rid of any dandruff and flyaway hair that may occur. These are some things that you can do yourself in order to take care of your hair supply.

A hair styling product that is right for the type of hair you have can be found at most department stores or over the Internet. You may be wondering why you would want to buy a product that is the same as someone else's instead of getting something that is specifically made for the type of hair you have.

There are many different hair products that are manufactured for use on different types of hair. The reason you would want to purchase a product that will work well for your hair is because not all products are created equal.

Every hair product is different and has a different formula that works best for one person. While the price is not necessarily cheaper, they may be a bit more expensive than someone else's products.

Products that work well on different types of hair can work on your hair type too. As a result, you can find products that will work with what type of hair you have or you can choose products that will work with the types of hair you want to grow.

In order to find out what types of products you want to use for your hair, you can try them out. The most popular types of ecoco hair products are those that are herbal based.

You can use a product like this if you have dry hair, but it may not work for your hair if you have curly hair. In this case, you may want to experiment with using hair products.

Remember, every hair type has its own unique characteristics and needs. Finding the right products is important to keep your hair looking good and healthy.

Pearl Necklace set. Upgrade your lifestyle and joy here!

Crystal Kiss is a brand name is guaranteeing the most resounding features in the selection of Pearl necklace set. Necklace is a powerful piece of jewelry which can turn simple moments into powerful expressions of glamour and love. Necklaces are becoming a universal choices. Earlier, it was only women who make necklaces part of their adornments and jewelry. Now, however, men too are leading the way in taking great interest in the necklaces. In fact, men are investing substantial part of their time and money into buying a necklace that suit their personality and pride. Therefore, the importance of necklace is self-assuring. It needs taste, style, and elegance on a person’s part personality to decide to necessarily buy the necklace. Necklaces are elegant in the quality that they can easily become part of a person’s personality and lifestyle.

Bringing glamor and beauty

Mostly, humans think of necklaces in terms of beauty items to be adorned on ceremonies and merry-making occasions. However, it is a mistaken belief to consider necklace only a part of joyous ceremonies. Currently, the necklace come in a range of selection and choices in a way that you can have a proper selection for other occasions too. No matter whatever the moment, however, necklaces never fail to play their part and reflect the true spirit. There are limitless choices in necklaces for you. It depends on a person’s personality and character that which type of the selection he or she prefers. So, if you too are deciding to buy a necklace make sure the necklace suit your personality too. For example, men prefer necklaces which have a burgeoning expression so as to match their pride. A women may not necessarily choose on that basis.

Gold necklace

Generally, the necklace made of gold are more popular than other related selections. As you may know, the gold is very popular among both men and women. Moreover, gold is quiet adept and elegant at giving classic feelings to people. Gold has been part of human civilizations since millennia. Humans of all major civilization have been prioritizing gold. Therefore, ornaments of gold find worldwide acceptance and applause. If you are going to attend a marriage ceremony and wear a sleek gold necklace all the way around your neck, the gold will illuminate your moment. People will find it hard and impossible to ignore that beautiful lustrous classic, golden feature round your neck. Therefore, in order to glamorize the occasion and boost your level of happiness you must continue elevating your moments with gold necklaces.

Features – sliver, diamond

Other selection are also a worldwide beauty. Silver has a unique way of making strange inroads into people’s hearts. Moreover, there are limitless shades in silver which makes the silver further a source of rejuvenation. Also, the silver fits ideally with many of people’s apparel and garments items. Therefore, the ideal synchronization of silver with people’s clothes and apparel make it all the more catchy. Many people prefer to add pendant on their necklace. Pendants are another beautiful feature that can glamorize your occasion all the way more perfectly. So, it is preferable that you should get your favorite feature in pendant and add it on the necklace.

Also, pendant can offer you coating of diamond too. So, you can have a necklace of gold or silver, with the pendant that has diamond layers on it. Think about the outcome. It will surely be illuminating.

As you may have the idea that buying a golden or diamond necklace is a costly investment. You do that investment and keep that necklace for many years to come. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious about the selection of your necklace. Make sure that you are contacting an experienced and professional jewelers for your favorite necklace. Also, it is fundamental that you take consultation on the type of necklace that you should buy.





Get a multi layer necklace to look classy and subtle

Are you the one who love to stay on trend? Getting multi layer necklace is the right option for you then. It will be wrong to say that layered necklaces are trending again. However, these necklaces were never out of the trend. These necklaces and the best and suits every type of dressing. Whether you are looking for something classy, more elegant looking or something which is beautifully designed and is heavy too, the layered necklaces will make you stand out among others. Buying a necklace which will help you make a statement is all you need.

Buying a layered necklace will help you look gorgeous and much prettier. These necklaces catch everyone’s attention at once. You will stand out among others. Women are always conscious about their style statement. They are always fond of wearing unique and subtle jewellery. These multi layered necklaces will come in handy for them. Multiple necklaces are designed together to make a phenomenal necklace for a woman to wear. These necklaces provide you with a balanced look which will go with every sort of dressing.

Why choose a layered necklace?

If you are the one who always wants to be on-trend, then adding the layered necklace to your ornament collection is all you need. When it comes to the variety of designs and styles, multiple layered necklaces will not disappoint you. They are available in several styles and designs which you can choose according to your likings and preferences. Whether you are looking for a western-style or you want to something for ethnic wears, you will get many choices.

The layered necklaces are made to wear in every type of occasion. Whether it is a wedding or a normal day at work, you can own them like a pro. Moreover, along with the designs and styles, these necklaces are available in various metals as well. You can get a pure gold necklace which is studded with gemstones and diamonds. They will perfectly fit in every style.

Selection of right type of layered necklace is very important to style your neckline. The layered necklace will help you look the best among your fellows. You will shine from a distance. Once you have decided the right necklace for you there is no way it will go out of trend. Layered necklaces are classy and unique.

How to get the best-layered necklace?

When it comes to the selection of layered necklaces, you have to be very specific and careful about it. Layered necklaces are available in many styles, designs and metals. The selection of the necklace depends entirely on you. Here are some useful tips which will prove to be beneficial for you while choosing the right necklace.

Event or occasion:

One of the first and foremost thing which you must look forward to while buying or choosing a necklace is the occasion you are wearing it. Whether you are invited to a party, a wedding or you buying it for casual wear, the choice is yours. You can opt-out for a gold necklace for a wedding which will compliment your dresses on the wedding. On the other hand, if you are buying it for an office party, you must go with a simple yet classy necklace. You can choose different colours as well.

Budget assessment:

When you will visit a shop, you will come to know that the price of layered necklaces varies. You have to assess your budget that you want to spend on a necklace. It will be easier for you to select the right type of necklace for you at affordable rates.

The neckline of your dress:

Layered necklaces only look good with the necklines which are deeper and have a wide opening. Otherwise, the necklace will hide under the dress. Make sure to choose the right necklace according to your dress.

Pearl Necklace Set-A Complete Guide

Women are fond of wearing jewellery. They always hunt for ways to look the best among others. Jewellery reflects the personality of a woman. A woman's outfit or overall look is incomplete without a perfect set of jewellery. Jewellery is the most important part of a woman's fashion accessories. Adding pearl necklace set in their jewellery can prove to be the best set of jewellery. Pearls are precious and can enhance the beauty and elegance in one’s look. Contacting the best jeweller to get a pearl necklace will prove to be the best thing for you. 

Living in the UK, you will easily find out renowned jewellers who will provide you with all types of jewellery at affordable rates. If you buy jewellery from an experienced and well-known company, it will be seen from a war off place. Everyone will recognize that it is bought from a top-notch jeweller. The quality of the jewellery is better than others. So before you plan to buy jewellery, make sure you choose the right company.

What does a pearl symbolize?

Pearls are attractive and they seem elegant to wear. They symbolize wisdom, purity, loyalty and generosity of the person who wears it. It is believed that pearls bring luck as well. It impacts a calming effect on the person who wears it. Pearls are not hard to find. They are best to look perfect. The best advantage of pearls is that they are not expensive. You can easily afford pearls. If you are tight on budget you can easily afford them.

Pearls never go out of style. You can say investing in pearl ornaments will be worthy as they are trendy and classy. Pearls could be available in different styles and colours. You can choose them according to your preferences. They will make you look unique among all the gathering. Pearls will go with every kind of dressing. Moreover, you can wear pearls at any occasion.

Types of pearls:

Depending on the production of pearls, there are mainly two types. Both are perfect and can fit in your lives. Let’s discuss both types in detail.

Natural pearls:

Natural pearls are accidentally formed by nature. These pearls which are form naturally in the oysters. These pearls are formed when a parasite or irritant other than sand making its way into the oyster or mussel. The oyster forms are a layer of fluid to prevent itself from that irritant which results in the formation of a beautiful pearl. This process is quite long. It takes years to form a natural pearl.

Cultivated pearls:

As the name indicates, cultivated pearls are formed via farming and the process of harvesting. An oyster is farmed in the pearl farms. The process is the same as natural pearls. The only difference in both types is that in cultivated pearls the irritant is embedded by the humans. Rest of the process is done by the oyster itself.

Most pearls find in the market these days are cultivated. The cultivated pearls are affordable and easy to acquire. But in case of natural pearls, they are rare and very expensive. Not everyone can afford the natural pearls.

Pearls are best for all occasions:

Peals necklaces are a perfect piece of jewellery. They go will all the styles. Woman wearing a pearl necklace will look elegant and classy. Due to their uniqueness, pearls are the best gift to give anyone on any occasion. Pearls will perfectly fit in any occasion. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding ceremony, going on a dinner or going to a birthday party, you can wear a pearl necklace. It will perfectly fit in all types of occasions.

Budgeting while buying a pearl necklace:

Pearls jewellery is unique, subtle and classy. They will attract you no matter what. Its world is huge and you will be drawn into it. It is very important to decide on the budget before you step out to buy a pearl necklace. There are several types and styles of pearl necklaces. Once you get in the market it will be hard for you to step out saving your money. It is better to evaluate and assess your budget. Stick to it and you will get to find out the best necklace for you.