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Write For Us

Members may submit articles under following conditions

Reservation of Rights: We have all rights to remove, reject, approve or disapproved any kind of content without the permission of the author.

Offensive Content: Any kind of content that contain vulgar language, illegal statement or any kind of offensive words that can hurt our audience will be approved for the publication.

Subject Matter: Posts should aim at discussing recent trends and developments which may be of interest for an international audience.

Word Count: Content should be between 600 to 1500 words and must be unique.

Picture: Picture must be unique and relevant to the content and size must not exceed 300 Kilo Bytes (KB).

References: Should be included in text where necessary, but given the nature of a Post generally be kept to a minimum. Over-promotional hyperlinks must never be used.

Language: All Posts should be written in a clear language, with observation of rules of English grammar and spelling. We accept posts complying with either U.S. or U.K. rules of spelling.

Structure: Structure: Contributors are encouraged to enhance the clarity of their Post by a clear structure. Write a proper clarity content and also make sure that it contain 0% plagiarism Write proper title and 2 – 3 lines of short description.

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